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Rahula Dhamma School Children Essays

The Buddha's Visit to Sri Lanka



17 February 2008

The Buddha visited Sri Lanka three times. Once he visited Sri Lanka to break up a fight between two rival kings called Chulodara and Mahodara. This is because the Buddha had very special powers and saw that the two kings were going to fight each other. If this would happen lots of mums and dads would get killed because the two armies were going to fight. So the Buddha wanted to stop them. 

So, with his magnificent powers he transported himself to a town called Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. This is where the kings were going to fight over a valuable throne. Then Buddha appeared in the air above the two kings and their armies. He spoke to them about why they should not fight and how they should practice love and kindness to each other. The kings listened to the Buddha and his Dhamma and gave up the war.

If you are a leader of a country think before you start a war, think about your people and how it will affect other people’s life

My Prayer



17 February 2008

“Help us Buddha to remember other people and not just ourselves. To remember our friends and family when they are feeling sad, especially my dad who is ill and still learning to speak well. Also remember your parents if they are ill. Remember the way Buddha had taught us and his friends.”

“You must remember also Buddha is always beside you even when you are sad or angry or happy. We will always obey our parents and think of them in everyway.”

“Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu”
“Budu Saranai”
“Devi Pihitai”

Good Friends and Bad Friends

Tharusi Wijesiriwardena

17 February 2008

Once upon a time there was a parrot family on a hill and inside a tree hole. One day there was a bad wind and one parrot got blown to the other side of the hill and that was where the thieves lived and that parrot became bad. The other parrot blew to another side of the hill where good people lived.

One day the king set off for hunting and when he went to the bad side he saw that the parrot who lived there said “kill him! kill him!”. Then the king ran to the other side where the good parrot lived. The good one said “come here, relax, calm down and sit down”.

The king after a while went to Lord Buddha and the king asked the Buddha why the parrots were different. The Buddha said it was so because “if you work with good people you will be good and if you work with bad people you will be bad”.

Don’t be Angry

Navidu Vithana (9 years)


February 2008


If you’re angry
you’ll make yourself
an ugly little child.
Anger scares your friends away.
Ugly little child
put on a smile
and cheer up.
Make you and your parents happy.
So smile and brighten
up your day.
Try never get angry
with anybody.

My Sunday School

Navin Vithana (5 years)


February 2008

I like to go to Sunday School. I am in the infant class. We learned Buddhism and Sinhala. On Sinhala we learn how to read and write and say Sinhala words. On Buddhism we learn about the Buddha and stories about the Buddha.

I love my Sunday School.

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