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About Articles

'Articles' section's tab 'Events' manages display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format. Contents include additional information or links set to display detailed information. The Events on this page display important Buddhist Events, some of which are annual recurring events.


'Buddhist Heritage' tab contains a selection of news articles written on sacred Buddhist sites and traditional festivals.


'Spread of Buddhism' tab contains a page describing 'The history and the spread of Buddhism'. The sub-page 'Theravada Buddhism, A Chronology' shows the historical development of Theravada Buddhism in chronological order, and the sub-page 'Timeline of Buddhism' the chronology for the period 'Foundation to the Common Era' starting from 563 BCE to 2 BCE, and the period of 'Common Era' starting from 65 CE up to now.


'Buddhist Councils' tab contains an introduction page and six sub-page tabs containing details on the six Buddhist Councils that took place since 544 BCE to 1954 CE.